Work Packages

The tasks of the SYBIL project are arranged into ‘workpackages’ each with a particular focus and set of objectives. Each workpackage has a leading organisation which is responsible for its overall progress and reporting. More details about each can be found below.

Work Package 1 lead by Geert Mortier (UA) and Laurence Legeai-Mallet (INSERM)
Prioritisation of disease-causing genetic variants for functional validation

Work Package 2 lead by Anna Villa (CNR)
Generation of relevant cellular models of CSDs and RSDs

Work Package 3 lead by Stephan Sonntag (POLYGENE) and Raymund Wagener (UKK)
Generation of relevant animal models of CSDs and RSDs

Work Package 4 lead by Anna Teti (UNIVAQ)
Large-scale phenotyping of cellular and animal models of RSDs and CSDs

Work Package 5 lead by Uwe Kornak (CHARITE)
SYBIL ‘Omics Knowledge Factory’ for systematically generating new knowledge

Work Package 6 lead by Jean-Marc Schwartz (UNIMAN)
Systems Biology for a global understanding of skeletal diseases

Work Package 7 lead by Thorsten Schinke (UKE) and Angella Pontillo (PRIMM)
Identification and validation of biomarkers for CSDs and RSDs

Work Package 8 lead by Antonio Rossi (UNIPV)
Preliminary validation of therapeutic targets in skeletal diseases

Work Package 9 lead by Katarzyna Pirog (UNEW)
Dissemination, training and exploitation activities

Work Package 10 lead by Michael Briggs (UNEW) and David Koubi (FINOVATIS)
Management (including ethics)