Work Package 9



Work Package leader:

Katarzyna Pirog (UNEW)



  • To disseminate and promote SYBIL knowledge to all stakeholders, including, but not limited to the scientific community, regulatory agencies, industry and patient/citizen groups.
  • To reinforce electronic communication (internal and external) and install infrastructure for collaborative working, allowing secure and efficient data exchange as well as standard interfaces.
  • To engage with existing, or develop new, training programs for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows such as courses on “Generating and exploiting -omics data”, “Virtual Modelling applied to biology”, “Systems Biology”, “Data Interoperability”, “Ethical Issues” etc.
  • To develop personalised training programs for SYBIL researchers allowing the efficient collection, processing and registration of large amounts of omics data towards optimal Systems Biology modelling.
  • To efficiently exploit SYBIL knowledge and technological developments.


Partners involved in WP9: