FINOVATIS SAS is a French independent consulting company (SME) based in Lyon and created in 2005. FINOVATIS is specialised in the funding, management and promotion of national and international research projects and networks. Annual turnover in June 2012: M€ 1,25. FINOVATIS combines process- and project-based approaches to fully meet our clients’ needs and satisfaction. Our customers’ satisfaction, a key indicator of our operational performance, is measured during and after project completion to help us continuously improve and offer the solutions and services best adapted to your needs.  FINOVATIS provides complementary expertise (managerial, financial, fiscal, economic, technical and scientific) to assist industrialists, SMEs, universities, research institutes and associations on a long-term basis and to meet their expectations. FINOVATIS relies on a team of experienced consultants with recognised in the funding tools and management of research projects and networks at national and international levels.


Finovatis roles in SYBIL

FINOVATIS will assist the coordinator in all administrative, financial and managerial work.


Finovatis staff involved in SYBIL

Dr. David Koubi – co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. PhD in Neuropharmacology (8 international scientific publications, 2 book chapters, invited for 2 conferences (USA and France), over 10 international meetings). He headed for 4 years the European Department of a Consulting company and joined FINOVATIS in February 2008. He has managed several European projects of which TREAT-NMD (036825), THERADPOX (018700), EUMAPP (018672), BACULOGENES (037541) and is since November 2010 managing the CELL-PID FP7 project (261387) and more recently RD-CONNECT (305444), SYSCLAD (305457) and Net4CGD (305011)..

Mrs. Marie-France Bragagnolo – experienced EU Project assistant.

Dr Elodie Noël – consultant in European Projects