Evercyte GmbH

Evercyte is a start-up company of BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria, derived from a long-standing expertise in ageing and immortalization research founded in February 2011 by OttoKanzler, CEO, Johannes Grillari, CSO and Regina Grillari, SVP cell line development. Evercyte is a research and development focused company that currently employs 7.5 FTEs, 7 of which in research. Evercyte is already cash flow positive in 2012. Evercyte’s expertise is to establish and commercialize immortalized primary- like human cell cultures as model systems for pre-clinical development, chemical and cosmetical industries. In addition to differentiated cells we also have generated induced pluripotent stem cells from cells derived from human urine, a fully non-invasive source of cells that allows to access every consenting indicudual as donor. Thus, sufficient donors are included for generating statistically meaningful data taking into account different genetic/age/disease status backgrounds. Finally, Evercyte has expertise in isolation of miRNAs from serum, identification of miRNAs differentially present in osteoporotic patients, and functional characterization of miRNAs in the context of osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.


Evercyte roles in SYBIL

EVCYT will generate iPS cells from urine of CSD and RSD patients. Furthermore, EVCYT will generate immortalized cells that retain the primary functional characteristics using human telomerase from patient’s derived mesenchymal stem cells. These novel and systemically developped cell panels will then be used as standardizable model systems to better understand CSDs and RSDs. In addition, the cell lines can be used for in vitro drug and target identication and development. Furthermore, EVCYT will develop diagnostic profiles based on miRNAs present in serum of patients.

Facilities available at Evercyte include access to high-standard cell culture facilities, standard molecular biology equipment including ion torrent next generation sequencing, a microarray platform with ozone free rooms, automated qPCR machines, a state of the art Imaging facility including live cell imaging, confocal imaging, TIRF, STET, as well as Laser Capture Microdissection Microscopy. In addition we have access to high standard flow cytometry and cell sorting (Astros and Gallios).


Evercyte researchers involved in SYBIL

Prof Regina Grillari – SVP cell line development has more than 10 years of experience and has published m 45 SCI articles and 5 patents in the field of cell line development. She is the PI in this project responsible for establishing cell lines.




Prof Johannes Grillari – CSO of EVCYT, has published 58 peer-reviewed articles and 6 patents in the field of ageing and immortalization. His main expertise of over 10 years and his role in the project is identification of miRNAs in human serum of age-associated diseases.